Welcome to My Wildlife Garden

My wildlife garden is not a large garden, but it contains a surprising variety of plants and wildlife. Some of the plants were here when we arrived, some I planted, some just appeared and others have been introduced by the wildlife – here I must thank the squirrels who buried hazel nuts and walnuts.

In 2010, I photographed each plant as it flowered or in the case of non-flowering plants, when they made an attractive picture. I have not removed any “weeds” until they have been photographed, named and recorded and it’s amazing how many are attractive if left to flower. I may not have all the correct plant names but I have done my best to identify everything as accurately as possible or at least give it a descriptive name for recording.

The pond is a habitat for water loving plants and also attracts a wide variety of wildlife.

The garden is south facing and quite sunny, although there is a lot of shade from the surrounding trees.

This web site is set out by month, showing the plants that are in flower that month. There is a separate page showing the progress of vegetables and another page for some of the wildlife that we have been able to capture on camera.

More content will be transferred from the old site during the Autumn 2017

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and if you can correct any names that are wrong, please email me.