I introduced several new plants in 2014, aiming to find more species that will thrive in difficult areas – much of my garden being quite shady most of the day.  I discovered that I now have three different buttercups – the Bulbous, Creeping and Meadow Buttercups.  Hopefully the photographs clearly show distinguishing features of each.  I also introduced Small Scabious and Devils’s Bit Scabious plants from my Mum’s garden, each being quite distinctive and more delicate than the Field Scabious which has started to spread around the garden.  The Musk Mallow, also from Mum’s garden, is more attractive than the Common Mallow so I am hoping it’s seeds will find the right areas of the garden in which to thrive.  The Quaking Grass, Wild Carrot, Hemp Agrimony and Lady’s Bedstraw were also new and introduced for their value as food plants for insects or to add variety of colour and shape into the garden.